Results day!

It’s GCSE results day, the moment of truth for thousands of 16-year-olds across the country. As Hayley goes into school to learn her results, Tiger Mother can only wait, bottle of bubbly and box of tissues at the ready, not knowing which will be needed…

Thursday morning, pacing the hallway

I’m trying to busy myself but can’t concentrate so I’ve given into wearing a path around the house, waiting for Hayley to come back from school where she’s finding out her GCSE results. I’m trying to be prepared for celebration and joy or commiseration and disappointment. Or all of the above!

Results day, I can’t believe it’s come at last. We’d pretty much put it to the back of our minds throughout the summer, it seemed a far-off distance on the hazy, sunny horizon.

Teenage Girl Happy With Good Exam Results

Then yesterday when the tension started hotting up, the ‘eek, it’s tomorrow!’ chatter among friends, family and classmates started building, it brought it sharply back into focus.

When I asked Hayley last night if she was feeling nervous, as many of my friends’ children confessed to, she just shrugged.

“I don’t really care anymore, I know I should but I don’t. As long as I do alright in Food Tech,” was the response.

Very down to earth and eminently practical – which is what Hayley is and why she’s heading for a career in catering and hospitality.

She doesn’t want to go to university, so why should she mind as long as she has what she needs to get into college to do her chosen course.

I’m fighting the impulse to run from the house, swallowing back little laughter squeaks of nervousness. I’m also practical, but I can’t bear the idea of Hayley being disappointed with dire fails.

The front door opens, she’s got the envelope in her hands. She’s waving it, she’s smiling, but she’s on the phone to her big brother Lee, who’s called from work to see how she got on.

“Well?!” me and her younger brother Harry shriek, crowding round her trying to get the envelope out of her hands.

So she clicks off from the phone and holds out the results letter.

She’s got two Cs (Food Tech and Art), a Pass and a Merit (in BTEC Science), plus a temporary Q (‘to be queried’ apparently) which is predicted to be a Pass (in Travel and Tourism), and a good IT supplementary exam which is a GCSE equivalent.

I make that just the right amount to get into her Diploma in Hospitality and Catering.

Phew! Big PHEW!

Okay, English was an E and Maths was a D – so close, all that hard work she put into it, it’s a shame. The tragic thing is it means it will stalk her for the next two years at college until she gets a C, the same for English.

But what the heck. Work in progress. The main thing is Hayley’s got what she needs to be on her way to the career she’s desperate to be in. She’s a very happy and excited chef in the making.

Big hugs, no tissues, the champagne is chilling ready for popping when all the family’s home.

Let the future begin…

Has your deaf child just got their results? Feel free to comment below 🙂

*Please note image is not of Hayley

7 thoughts on “Results day!

  1. Massive congratulations to Hayley and good luck to her in her future career. I used to work at ndcs and have followed this blog since it started. Was also very lucky to spend some time with Hayley at an event, she’s a fantastic role model for other deaf young people. So pleased she got the results she wanted.

  2. Hello!! I suspect you’re joining my mum tonight in the ‘very proud of my daughter’ club!!! You know first hand how hard it can be for a deaf young person to sit through a school day and to concentrate but me and Hayley have both done it! YAY!!!!

    • Hey Lucy, I so am! Not sure what you got but if your lovely blogging and writing skills are anything to go by I’ll bet your mum is chief executive chairman of the proud mum club, and not least because of all the extra effort and determination it takes you as a young deaf person. Yay for you and Hayley, Lucy, and every other deaf young person celebrating out there, you all so deserve it!! 🙂 x

  3. Hi, I’m really glad she did well! The education system isn’t a measure of all types of intelligence-only academia. I just started my blog about a week ago, maybe you’d like to take a look? x

    • Hi childofcynicism, thank you for your kind words! I looked at your blog, well done to you for making it happen. Your honesty is very powerful and your strong take on things makes for really engaging reading. It takes a lot of courage to write, especially when you bear your soul, and that is a generous gift to the world. Thank you for sharing it. Keep it up, wishing you every success, Tiger Mum 🙂 x

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